GoBabyGo presents children with modified toy cars

  • Physical Therapy and Engineering students modified toy cars through GoBabyGo to assist children with disabilities.
  • Four children received modified cars this year, which were delivered Saturday, April 29.
  • GoBabyGo is an applied learning experience that allows students to practice a number of skills while working in multidisciplinary teams.

Wichita State University physical therapy and engineering students participating in the GoBabyGo program spent the last semester modifying toy ride-on cars for four children with disabilities. The modified cars were delivered to the children on Saturday, April 29, in the Heskett Center gymnasium.

The children receiving cars were Angel, Zoey, Camila and Sutton.

Angel is a 4-year old with cerebral palsy. He has difficulty moving his arms and legs and cannot crawl or walk. His car is modified with a special car seat that will allow him to drive using switches activated by his head movement.

Camila is nearly two years old and has low muscle tone all over her body, which prevents her from crawling or walking. Doctors are still trying to determine her diagnosis. Students modified a 4-wheeler with a handlebar switch and a seat mounted switch so that she can drive in a seated or standing position.

Zoey is nearly one year old and has recently undergone surgery for her club feet. She has arthrogryposis, which means that contractures in her wrists and hands prevent her from crawling. She received a modified jeep truck that she can control with an Arduino-powered joystick.

Sutton is a 3-year old boy who has cerebral palsy that prevents him from walking or crawling and makes many movements hard to control. His car was modified with a custom seat installed in partnership with the Cerebral Palsy Research Foundation.

The GoBabyGo program is an applied learning experience that allows students to practice following a budget, measuring children and working with families, designing and selecting materials, learning new tools, troubleshooting and working in multidisciplinary teams.

To learn more about the program and projects, go to www.wichita.edu/gobabygo.