Barton School and Envision Arts Partnership Continues with New Art Installation

The W. Frank Barton School of Business at Wichita State University has installed a new art exhibit in partnership with the Envision Arts Program. Gretchen Howarth is the latest visually impaired artist to be showcased on the third floor of the Barton School.

“The Envision Arts installation has become a stalwart exhibit at Woolsey Hall,” said Dr. Duane Nagel, Senior Associate Dean of the Barton School of Business. “It is a true inspiration to everyone.”

Howarth is legally blind with much of her vision gradually lost to Stargardt, a genetic eye disorder that causes progressive vision loss. This disorder creates thousands of holes in the retina. For Howarth, she sees through “a galaxy of tiny dots” and has no center focus.

In 2019, she began drawing landscapes with pastels. Her repertoire has expanded to acrylics on canvas. Howarth’s been a featured artist at Wichita First Friday events several times and has had two exhibits in the Envision Arts Gallery. In 2022, she received first place in the American Printing House InSights Art contest for the visually impaired.

“Gretchen’s work is a wonderful representation of her love of nature and life,” said Sarah Kephart, Envision Arts Senior Manager. “Thank you to the Barton School for creating opportunities for people with disabilities to shock the community through art.”

The Barton School’s Woolsey Hall art collection and its promotion of visual artists, which includes the Envision Arts Program rotating installation, is rooted in a commitment to helping its business students blossom. By developing creative and artistic mindsets, the Barton School opens its students’ eyes to innovative and inspired solutions.

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