Meet the Newest Koch Scholars Set to Major in Business


Earlier this Spring, Wichita State University announced seven high school students from Kansas and Oklahoma have become the newest recipients of the Koch Scholarship. These Koch Scholars have been awarded $30,000 (for in-state students) or $45,000 (for out-of-state students) each. The competitive program is based on high academic achievement, work, volunteer and leadership experiences, an essay and an interview process.

Three of the seven recipients have chosen to major in business, so the Barton School talked to each of them to learn more about their interests and excitement for the upcoming fall 2023 semester:


Allison Helmut

Circle High School
Towanda, Kansas

Activities: National Honor Society | Captain of CHS Madrigals show choir | Helping Others Through Teaching | Kansas Humane Society volunteer | El Dorado Public Library employee

On what the Koch Scholarship means to her: “Without this scholarship I would be living at home throughout college although I really want to live on campus. I also might not have applied to the Honors College which opens even more opportunities for me. The financial aid of this scholarship will help me pay for tuition as well as give me a debt free start with an excellent education.”

On her connection to books: “Reading is a big part of my life. I work at a public library. I enjoy it because I love reading and it’s been a good opportunity to meet and talk with a wide range of people. I even learned I won the scholarship while I was at a bookstore with a friend. I was genuinely surprised and so grateful. At the time I didn’t even know what to say.”

On choosing accounting: “I spent a lot of time looking at different careers and ruling out options. My mom is an accountant. Looking at her career path made me realize that my skillset and personality will fit well in the accounting field.”


Alaina Veatch

Classical School of Wichita
Wichita, Kansas

Activities: National Interscholastic Cycling Association (NICA) | Girls Riding Together (GRiT) | CSW athlete - cross-country, basketball, swim and tennis | Biking | Piano | Youth group praise band | Wichita First Church of the Nazarene nursery volunteer | Bicycle Pedaler employee

Favorite hobbies: “Not only is cycling my job and my sport, but it is also my hobby. I love to grind the gravel and to mountain bike. I thoroughly enjoy reading, whether it be philosophy or a good metaphorical story. You can always count me in. When I get the chance, I also enjoy water coloring and painting with oil paints.”

On realizing she was named a Koch Scholar: “I was out of words when they told me. In an instant, the burden of college was lifted. I was filled with excitement, but more than anything, I was shocked because it didn’t seem real.”

On picking Finance as her major: “Without the financial element of a business, there is no business. It always comes back to what the financial risk or gain is. I have minimal knowledge at this point, and I am excited to learn more in my years at Wichita State.”


Michael Goldberg

Wichita Collegiate School
Wichita, Kansas

Activities: Captain of Collegiate bowling team | Varsity golf | Debate | Forensics | Leadership Academy | Blue Crew Ambassadors | Homeless shelter volunteer

On choosing Wichita State and the Barton School: “I was interested in Wichita State University because of its outstanding faculty and staff and the amazing academics offered. I was also very intrigued by the Honors College and the reduced class sizes because I really enjoy smaller environments and stronger relationships with professors. I am especially excited about the Barton School because of the new Woolsey Hall building and the endless opportunities I will have in it.”

On his love for bowling and golf: “I think what I enjoy most is that they are both are mental sports. It you against yourself and you’re the only person you can blame when something does not go right.”

On his hopes for college: “I hope to meet new people in college, find what I love, and potentially study abroad. I want to be able to learn about different cultures while also still following a college curriculum outside of the US.”