Student heroes honored for life-saving response in Ablah Library

  • WSU students and University Police responders helped save the life of fellow student Tyler Hull, who suffered a heart attack in Ablah Library on Dec. 15.

  • Students and police performed CPR and administered an AED to revive Hull before he was transported to the hospital.

  • The student heroes will be honored at 1 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 26, in Ablah Library C-space, first floor.

Wichita State University honored students and university police responders who helped save the life of a fellow student.

On Dec.15, students Aaron Lewis and Martina Salerno rushed to the aid of Tyler Hull, who was unconscious and nonresponsive on the first floor of Ablah Library. 

“I am glad I was there and I am really glad the man who knew CPR was there,” said Salerno. “I jumped into action because I had EMT training as a senior in high school.”

Officers were called and arrived on the scene to find Salerno holding the head of Hull while Lewis performed chest compressions. Sergeant Bryson Potter, who is a graduate student in the criminal justice program, checked for a pulse and was unable to find one.

At this point, Officer Matthew Rose relieved Lewis and continued chest compressions while the automated external defibrillator (AED) was prepared to evaluate Hull's heart rhythm. Sgt. Potter prepared Hull for the application and placed the pads on his chest, where the AED performed an internal evaluation and delivered a shock to his heart.

The officers continued providing compressions until the Sedgwick County Fire Department arrived.

Hull became responsive and began speaking with fire personnel, and EMS arrived to transport Hull to Wesley Medical Center.