Student discovers passion through internship with the United Way of the Plains

  • Summer 2018, Natalie Mark worked as a marketing intern for the United Way of the Plains.
  • Natalie is a senior double majoring in Elementary Education and Strategic Communications.
  • After graduation, she hopes to work as a teacher and at a nonprofit.

Last summer, Wichita State student Natalie Mark took a big step toward her goals by interning for the United Way of the Plains. She feels that her internship is preparing her for the future and is giving her the knowledge to make a difference in the community. People who want to help others for no other reason than to improve the lives of others is a rarity. Natalie exemplifies this type of person as she strives to make the world a friendlier place through her career.

The United Way is a volunteer-driven nonprofit organization meant to bring basic resources to people in the community that need help.

As a marketing intern, Natalie's jobs included finding success stories, working on invitations, developing the email newsletter, working on campaign materials and helping prepare presentations.

By developing a connection with Undergraduate Advisor and Instructor Eric Wilson, Natalie was directed to apply for the United Way internship.

“I did not have much experience when I started, but I didn't let my failures stop me. I'm still learning and will continue to,” says Natalie.

Her role with United Way was of particular interest because it let her work to help children.

One of my favorite things I got to work on is the student campaigns. Working with children and helping them is important to me.
Natalie Mark

Another way Natalie works with children is through coaching. She recently began her third year coaching a cheerleading team at Maize South Middle School. She utilizes her position as a cheer coach to spread her message to the girls about helping out in their community. Planning fundraisers and drives are just some of the ways she encourages her cheer team to help out.

“Teaching is my passion. I see a lot of overlay with teaching and helping children through United Way,” says Natalie.

She hopes that when she begins her job hunt after graduation, she can work both as a teacher and at a nonprofit. Natalie encourages students to get a variety of experiences while in college.

“Don't be afraid. Learn as much as you can from internships and classes,” says Natalie.