Senior gains valuable experience interning at radio station

  • Wichita State student and Electronic Media Communication senior, Francesca McCarthy interned at Rocking M Media LLC this summer.
  • This internship provided her with an understanding of the functionality of a radio station.
  • After graduation, she hopes to work as an on-air host with Rocking M Media LLC.

Not anybody can say that their job allows them to incorporate their own creativity into their work and instantly reach a large audience. Francesca McCarthy, a senior majoring in communication with an emphasis in electronic media, spent the summer as a radio broadcasting intern with Rocking M Media LLC.  

I wanted a job that would let me be creative, and that's what I did at Rocking M Media,” she says. "They gave me something to work with and let me add my own creativity to it.
Francesca McCarthy

Francesca's internship provided her with an understanding of the functionality of a radio station. She spent her time improving a radio station, listening to music, deciding what to air, writing commercials and liners and recording commercials. Gaining experience in sales, advertising, marketing, programming, production, promotions and audio engineering, Francesca is setting herself up for a successful career in radio broadcasting. She wants to take this experience and get a job hosting her own morning show, hopefully with Rocking M Media LLC as an on-air host after she graduates.

Before coming to WSU, McCarthy was a student at Butler Community College, where she had her own radio show. “Everything was live, and I played a wide variety of music. I love all types of music, so I wanted my station to reflect that,” she says. “My advice to anyone wanting to pursue this career is to ask a lot of questions. Ask your mentors that are already in radio how to get started. Don't expect to get things handed to you. You have to go out and make connections. Put yourself out there and show off your work. People want to see and hear what you can do.”