Oklahoma native is proud to call WSU his home


Wichita State senior and sport management major Barak Cole Segura is not afraid of change. Originally from Oklahoma City, Barak chose Wichita State University to be his second home.

“I was almost dead set on going to Oklahoma State because that's where I grew up,” says Barak.

But his mother believed that moving to a different city would allow him to grow as a person and in his career.

“I came up here, fell in love with the place and met a bunch of people that were interested in the same things I was,” says Barak.

During Barak's first semester here he realized there are great opportunities and connections WSU offers to students. He's thankful for the opportunities he's gotten here to meet future employers.

“I didn't realize how many opportunities I would get from connections I've made here, opportunities I don't know I would have been able to get anywhere else,” says Barak.

He says WSU does a good job connecting students with future employers and giving them real-world job experiences. He has worked as a student assistant in the Office of Sport Management, has interned for the Associate Scout for Collegiate Baseball Scouting Network and for the Sunflower Collegiate League.

Barak feels that his time at WSU has been a time of growth. Although he did not plan on going to an out-of-state school, he is thankful for the freedom and experiences it has brought him.

“Make that leap into the unknown so you can have a new experience. In the end, it will make you grow,” says Barak.