Computer science junior prepares for future through Ennovar internship


Wichita State student Jimmy Vu, a computer science major, has been interning with Ennovar, WSU's Institute of Emerging Technologies and Market Solutions, as a software developer.

The internship has allowed him to apply his studies to his work and gain a deeper understanding of his school work.

“It's definitely enhanced my studies,” he says. “Before the internship, it felt like I was learning because I had to. Now, I'm in the internship, applying what I'm learning and doing what I love. It feels like this is something that I want to do and keep getting better at.”

The internship gives Jimmy the opportunity to stay with Ennovar until he decides to leave or to get hired through a company they're partnered with. 

He plans to continue through next summer and begin an internship he's already accepted with Koch Industries as an information developer.

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