One student's coffee review: Fairmount Coffee Co.

  • Fairmount Coffee Co. is a well-lit, cozy little coffee joint just south of campus on 17th Street. It's great for everything from studying to a first date.
  • The lattes at Fairmount are stellar. I deeply enjoyed their specialty Aztec mocha on my latest trip.
  • The drip coffee at Fairmount is made for specialty drinks, and I wouldn't recommend it on its own.

If you’re ever feeling uninspired, bored or overwhelmed and you need a little kick to keep you moving throughout the day, I have just the solution for you: Fairmount Coffee Co.’s Aztec mocha.

It ain’t healthy, but it sure is good.

It’s not a typical mocha, so I’m cheating just a little bit given my original rules, but it was recommended to me by a friend. I can’t turn down a challenge.

I coughed out loud on the first sip.

The Aztec mocha must have a shot of cayenne pepper in it, because it’s spicy. If you’ve ever had a Mexican hot chocolate, this is a lot like it.

The Fairmount baristas – they’re amazing, by the way – will ask you if you want whole milk.

If you value your health at all, don’t do it.

I did it.

The drip coffee? Great for a sleepless night, but too strong for me most days. It's very dark and flavorful.

Fairmount opened when I was a sophomore at WSU. In the three years since it transformed from the university Lutheran student center to a hopping new coffee joint, I’ve been a regular customer.

I’ve enjoyed many evenings there with a friend across from me and a coffee in hand. Not a bad place for a first date, too.

It’s well-lit and cozy. It’s especially comfortable on cloudy, rainy days like the day I bought my mocha.

Fairmount is also not centrally-located meaning that it’s popular but not crowded. It is study-friendly on most days.

In short: Fairmount Coffee Co. is a hidden gem.

You’ll find it on the south side of 17th Street, roughly across from Ahlberg Hall and the two green parking lots.

Last thoughts: When winter draws on, my favorite drink is a hot apple cider. Fairmount serves it with a slice of real cinnamon bark, which makes me so happy.

* This article is based on the opinion of one student and does not necessarily reflect the opinion of the university.

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