Student thoughts: Finals are the pits


Let's talk about finals. We all hate them, we all endure them and eventually, we all survive them. As told by The Office and Parks and Recreation, I bring you "final thoughts." Just remember, fake it until you make it. 

The unfortunate feeling of the end of the semester, knowing it's time for finals. 

Leslie Knope

 Going out the weekend before knowing you should be home studying.

I am running away from my responsibilities and it feels good

 When you study for 5 minutes:

Guys, I'm like really smart now. You don't even know.

Going to the exam in a caffeine hangover, lack of sleep and an emotional state, but it's fine.

Everything hurts and I'm dying

 When you finish your group project and realize you won't ever have to work together again.

Ron Swanson

Realizing the night before that you're doomed no matter how much you study.  

It's just that life is pointless and nothing matters and I'm always tired. 

 When you look up from the exam and make accidental eye contact with the professor.

I'll I can do right now is put on a brave face

 Getting the exam: I'm going to do GREAT!

  • First question: I think I'll come back to this later.
  • Second question: I'll just skip this for now.
  • Third question: Welp. I'm doomed.

 April Ludgate: Help

Thinking you know the answer to the multiple choice question but it's not an option.

Dwight Shrute

 Trying to answer 40 multiple choice questions, 10 short answers and 3 essay questions in 2 hours. 

Me think, why waste time say lot word, when few word do trick.

 Turning in the exam knowing you gave it your best effort.

 I'm dead

 When you still have three finals left. 

I just want it to stop.

 A classmate asking how you did, right after you turn in the exam. 

I may never smile again

 Planning your post-exam pampering. You've earned it.

 Treat yo self

 The day after finals be like: 

It's the best day of the year

Florida Stanley is the equivalent to holiday break me.

Florida Stanley smiles, Florida Stanely is happy to go to work, Florida Stanley is who you want on your Florida team.

* This article is based on the opinion of one student and does not necessarily reflect the opinion of the university.

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