Catching up the with the 2019 Linwood Sexton Scholar


Bryant Lewis, a freshman studying at the Barton School of Business, always knew he wanted to attend college. He is the first in his family and wanted to set an example for his younger sisters. But, finances were tight.

While in high school, Bryant worked 30 hours a week as an assistant manager at the AMC theater in Olathe, Kansas. Before graduating, he figured he would either attend a local community college or take a gap year to save money. He never dreamed he would be a Shocker and attend Wichita State University. More than that, he never dreamed he would be given a full-ride scholarship.

Bryant stumbled onto Wichita State out of pure luck. His close friend was taking a college tour and he decided to tag along. Instantly, he fell in love with the college experience, the campus atmosphere and immediately felt like a Shocker.

“After the tour I knew I wanted to come here to give it my all,” said Bryant.

But financially, attending a four-year university wasn’t on the horizon.

A “surreal blessing,” as Bryant described it, came his way, turning his dream into a reality. That blessing was been chosen as the 2019 Linwood Sexton Scholar at Wichita State, providing him with a full ride scholarship.

“I never imagined getting to the place in my life where I would receive a huge scholarship,” said Lewis.  

After coming to campus, Bryant has emerged himself in campus involvement with the focus on making new friends, connections and relationships that will go beyond college. So far, during the fall semester Bryant has focused on stepping out of his comfort zone. On campus, he works in the Office of Admissions as a student outreach member, is part of the Professional Edge program, is a Diversity and Inclusion ambassador and is involved in the Barton School Dean Ambassadors group.

Bryant credits his experience and success to the community he has found in the dorms, his extracurricular activities and faculty. Everyone he’s met has rallied behind him, provided support and pushed him to excel.  

“I’ve been able to make great friends and connections at WSU,” Lewis said. “The scholarship helped pave my way for the experience I’ve been given.

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