Maddie's Top 10 tips to making moments matter in quarantine


Whether you’re a freshman or a senior, us college kids have had a crazy past few weeks. It’s hard to forget that every day we are living in historic times. What is going on around the world will one day be taught in a history class or documented on TV.

Maybe you’re like me, working from home to help flatten the curve. Or maybe you recently traveled and are self-quarantining. Whatever the circumstance, staying at home isn’t ideal, especially with spring break and the nice weather, but it’s necessary during these times.

I’ve compiled a list of fun things to do physically or virtually that can help pass the time and ease some boredom! While it may not be what we wanted, this extra time at home may end up helping us decompress after stressful semesters.

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  1. Grab a book and read. No, not your textbook for that one class. Order a new book from Amazon or check one out at your local library. Let your mind relax, sit down and read for fun. P.S. don't forget your snack, fresh cup of coffee and a cozy blanket to curl up under!
  2. Pick up a puzzle, Rubik cube or crossword puzzle. It’s easy for the mind to get tired while stuck at home but doing some form of puzzle keeps you engaged and mentally active. Plus, it’s fun to see how many you can complete while you do your part to flatten the curve.
  3. Do the spring cleaning you’ve been putting off for how many springs now? There’s no denying you won’t have some extra time on your hands, so you might as well put it to good use. For me, I’m cleaning out my closet and going through my desk. Get rid of the things that haven’t been touched in ages. Plus, cleaning helps you focus and decrease your stress levels.
  4. In need of a new hobby? Head over to YouTube and search for a tutorial. Whether it’s sewing, knitting, wood working, gardening, calligraphy, etc., think of all the neat tricks you’ll have learned after our quarantine ends. 
  5. Gather your family/roommates/pets and play a board game! Now is the time to break out the Monopoly or Scrabble and see how long you can make the game last. My favorites are Clue, Life, Monopoly and any type of card game. 
  6. Have a movie marathon, binge the new Netflix series or catch up on any show you’ve not had time to view. Some companies like Disney are releasing new films on their streaming channels that weren’t able to make it to theaters. There’s something out there for everyone. Having fresh popcorn and snacks is a plus. 
  7. Do an at-home fitness routine. The YMCA recently released the YMCA 360 program that allows you to do workouts at home and for free. You can also check out f45_training_wichitastate on Instagram. It’s a student-run virtual training account for those who want to do F45 at the Heskett Center but not able to anymore.  If you’re feeling bold, create your own while nobody’s around.  If workouts aren’t your style, take a walk, ride a bike or learn TikTok dances to get your body moving.  
  8. Break out the old Wii, Game Cube, Play Station, Xbox or any other gaming device. Pass the time by playing some of your old favorites and improve on your *possible* rusty skills. 
  9. Write, draw or listen to Podcasts. There is no better time than now to get your creative juices flowing. Spend your time learning more about random facts, write that book you’ve been dreaming about or practice your drawing skills. 
  10. Learn to cook a meal. While the grocery stores may be sparse, try and get creative with what is already in your kitchen. 

While there are more ideas out there, I hope this list helps to cure the boredom. And while you can’t be with your friends physically, you can always call or Facetime during this time. Staying connected is important and thankfully, technology makes it easy for us.

Take this as an opportunity to relax, unwind and goof off, while practicing safe social distancing habits of course.

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