Meet a Shocker: Jade Mursch, communication grad

Jade Mursch, a first-generation student, chose Wichita State to be close to family and the affordability. During her time on campus, she has involved herself with her sorority and the Office of Diversity and Inclusion. She's excited about the opportunities that are ahead after graduation.

Jade is one of more than 2,400 students eligible for spring/summer 2020 graduation. Learn more about her time at Wichita State and what is next for the grad.

What is your degree in?

I’m a first-generation senior graduating this May with my Bachelor of Arts in integrated marketing communications. I attended Wichita East High School (Go Aces!) and grew up in Wichita, so it was an easy choice for me to choose Wichita State. It'’s affordable, close to family and was the perfect size for me.

What led you to Wichita State University?

As graduation is approaching, I definitely feel anxious, as college has been my entire life for the past four years — the networking, socializing and even working on campus; however, I’m ready to start a new chapter in my life. It'’s crazy to think that there is so much more to life after college, and I think that’s what makes me most excited. College was a big chapter of my life, but I know there are so many opportunities waiting for me after graduation.

What are your career plans? Has the COVID crisis altered those plans, if at all?

As for career plans, it'’s definitely hard to say because I was in the process of seeking a full-time job, and it'’s even more difficult because some of my interviews have fallen through because of COVID-19. My current internship was also temporarily put on pause due to COVID-19. I plan to return to work at Lodgeworks Partners, L.P. Hotel Management Company as a brand training intern once things get better. I’m actively seeking opportunities, but it’s difficult when many people have put hiring new employees on hold. I definitely didn’t think my senior year would end this way. As any college graduate, I think we all hold on to our last semester because we get closure in a lot of areas. For me those were my last in-person classes, my sorority’s senior ceremony and last philanthropy as an undergraduate, multicultural graduation celebration, and of course, graduation. However, most of these things have been postponed to a later date.

What advice do you have for other students on how to cope with the uncertainty of these times?

I would advise that students lean on their friends, family and the support and resources that WSU is offering during this time. Although there is uncertainty, especially for us who are graduating right now, just know that things will fall into place with time, and this isn't anything that we had control over. It's unfortunate, but it will also be a good story to tell when we're older — to say that we were the college graduates during the COVID-19 pandemic!

What has been your most helpful learning experience while a student at WSU?

My most helpful learning experience during my time at Wichita State University is being a part of the Office of Diversity and Inclusion. I've worked in the office almost my entire time in college, and I'm also an ambassador for diversity and inclusion. The office has allowed me to lean into discomfort and learn about other people who are different from me — whether that's their background or culture. I've attended several keynote speakers hosted by the office, and those have been some of my favorite experiences.

What was been your biggest challenge as a student, and how did you overcome it?

Overall, my biggest challenge as a student has always been wondering what exactly I wanted to do after college. I've always known that I wanted to work in marketing or communications, but it seemed like everyone around me new exactly what job title they wanted to have. I came to the realization that it’s OK to have an open mind and to know that wherever I end up, it will lead me to a job that's meant for me!

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