ShiftSpace show celebrates transformation


Amy Huser is reclaiming 730 hours of her life — 730 hours she spent in the past decade feeling as though she wasn’t enough. 

She’s now celebrating those hours with her Master of Fine Arts thesis show, “Casually Not Okay,” which is currently hanging in the ShiftSpace Gallery at Wichita State University.

As research for her thesis, Huser reread the journals she wrote in daily for more than ten years. This writing practice functioned as prayer, meditation and documentation, and she estimates each entry took about an hour to complete. Many focused almost entirely the artist’s feelings of unhappiness about “not measuring up.” These totaled 730 entries, roughly equivalent to 730 hours of self-criticism.

“Instead of spending 730 hours in crippling self-doubt, I decided to spend it in thankfulness and joy over how life is working out,” she said. “I’m reclaiming all those hours.”

Like all university entities, the gallery is closed to public gatherings until at least May 26. At some point this summer, ShiftSpace will hold a reception and gallery hours for “Casually Not Okay,” though they may be by appointment only.

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