Meet a Shocker: Rhian Cunningham, graphic design graduate


Rhian Cunningham is as creative as they come, with her constant doodles and calligraphy notes, her personality shines through. Currently, she is an intern in the Office of Strategic Communication where she gains hands-on experience in graphic design. After graduation, she is unsure of her next steps but will spend time figuring out what she hopes to do.

Rhian is one of more than 2,400 students eligible for spring/summer 2020 graduation. Learn more about her time at Wichita State and what is next for the grad. 

What is your degree in?

I'm getting my degree in graphic design from the College of Fine Arts.

What led you to WSU?

I’m from Wichita and it allowed me to stay close to my friends and family,. It was also the best option for me financially.

How are you feeling leading up to graduation?

To be honest, I'm feeling kind of nervous and lost, but excited for whatever is next after graduation. 

What are your career plans?

At this moment, I'm unsure. I will continue my internship in the Office of Strategic Communications after graduating. 

How has the COVID-19 crisis altered those plans, if at all?

For me, I feel like COVID has delayed the urgency of immediately needing to find a job, mostly because there aren’t really a lot of job openings. It’s also giving me more time to figure out what I want to try to do. But I know that I’m in a pretty privileged position that not everyone can be in, and I’m really thankful that I am in the position that I am in right now.

What advice do you have for other students on how to cope with the uncertainty of these times?

The entire world is going through a pretty similar situation right now and everyone is in a place of uncertainty, so you aren’t alone in your feelings. You also have to just do what you can get through each day one at a time.

What has been your most helpful learning experience while a student at WSU?

Realizing that my teachers, classmates, and I are all on the same team and that everyone is willing to help you out. Also, getting an internship has given me so many hands-on learning experiences that you just can’t get in the classroom. I’m really glad I got this experience as a student.

What was been your biggest challenge as a student, and how did you overcome it? .

My mental health. I also wouldn’t necessarily say that I have overcome it, but I have worked on improving it and used CAPS on campus to get help, they are a great and affordable resource that I’m glad I took advantage of while I was here.

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