Grad certificate in data science created to meet industry demand


Responding to industry demand for workers with specialized skills, Wichita State is now offering a graduate certificate in computational data science.

The 12-hour graduate program is designed for those with bachelor’s degrees in computer science, computer engineering, or electrical engineering, but others are eligible if they can demonstrate the required knowledge base. The program equips students with in-depth knowledge on data science tools, analytical workflows, machine learning algorithms and predictive modeling.

“This university-issued graduate certificate is created to meet the soaring demands for data scientists,” said Dr. Dukka KC, data analytics program director and an associate professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.  “There is an immense demand for data science professions. Data science has profound impacts on virtually any type of business and industry, including but not limited to education, health care, telecommunications, banking, consumer goods.”

The certificate program curriculum consists of two required three-hour graduate courses, Introduction to Data Science and Machine Learning, plus two three-hour courses selected from the following: Introduction to Database Systems, Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning: Theory, Algorithms and Applications, Data Mining and Artificial Intelligence for Robotics.

To enroll, prospective students should contact the program director at or (316) 978-3921.

This graduate certificate is the latest of nine new programs Wichita State College of Engineering has developed in response to industry demand in the past three years.

“Wichita State prides itself on acting aggressively to deliver new programs that meet the needs of our industry partners,” said Dennis Livesay, dean of the College of Engineering. “It is essential that we continually adapt to meet emerging needs for new skills in the workforce. The quick delivery of these new programs shows we are prepared to fulfill our mission as a driver of the Kansas economy.” 

The graduate certificate in information assurance and cybersecurity was first offered by the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science in Spring 2017. Designed for IT professionals, students take 12 hours of graduate coursework to gain a strong understanding of the fundamentals of information assurance and cybersecurity, acquiring in-depth knowledge in areas such as security and privacy in network and internet systems, cyber-physical systems and critical infrastructure, Internet-of-Things, software systems and cloud computing.

The graduate certificate in additive manufacturing, a program supported by the entire college, was first offered in Fall 2019. Also, a 12-hour program, the certificate is intended to fill a skills gap that addresses technological advancements around additive manufacturing, which now allows for 3D printing of metals as well as plastics and polymer.

 In addition to the graduate certificates, the following new degree programs were recently launched by dates indicated: doctorate in biomedical engineering (spring 2020), bachelor’s in applied computing (fall 2019), bachelor’s in engineering technology – facilities management track (fall 2019), and bachelor’s in aerospace engineering – applied propulsion track (fall 2020).

Two additional graduate certificates – one in computer networking and another in software engineering — are currently being developed with a target of being offered in fall 2020. Similarly, the college is developing several other programs, including additional programs in computing and data science, to continue to better serve students and industry partners.

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