Wichita State creates Advisory Council to help retain talent, drive economy


Growing and diversifying our regional economy while working to recruit and retain talent in Kansas is a primary goal for Wichita State University.

To assist with those efforts, Wichita State University President Dr. Jay Golden has created the President’s Innovation and Business Advisory Council.

The council is made up of a selection of area business leaders who will advise and support the president and Wichita State leadership on a number of critical areas that include:

  1. Leveraging the rapidly growing Wichita State research and innovation enterprise and jointly discover ways to support existing businesses in Kansas to be more competitive in the global marketplace. 
  2. Diversifying our regional economy as Wichita State University invests in the President’s Convergence Sciences Initiative including:

    - Health sciences and bioengineering
    - Digital transformation
    - Smart manufacturing 
    - Sustainable technologies and novel materials, including biobased innovations
  3. Strengthening Wichita State’s focus on innovation and new ventures, including the newly launched Microenterprise Program, with an aim of retaining talent from Wichita State by creating a new generation of technologies and small businesses that are launched and based in our region.
  4. Joint marketing and attracting of talent to our region in partnership with industry and economic development professionals.
  5. Building new and innovative academic programs that create a highly trained workforce for the new decade and jobs of the future.

“It has become apparent to me that our institution would greatly benefit by developing even stronger partnerships with thought leaders who represent a diversity of industry sectors and governmental organizations in our community,” Golden said. “It is my strong desire to explore with our partners new and innovative ways that Wichita State University can be even more impactful in supporting the health and growth of our region through a more vibrant economy and the recruitment and retention of talent.”

Jeff Fluhr, President of the Greater Wichita Partnership and one of the members of the Advisory Council added, “This intentional partnership of President Golden and Wichita State University with the business community in our region will serve as a catalyst as we all work together to grow our economy and create a more vibrant region.”

Since his arrival to WSU, Golden said, he has benefited from the insights of many of Wichita’s community leaders in regard to WSU’s goals.

“I was drawn to Wichita State University in large part because of our unique goal to provide access to an affordable and impactful higher education for all Kansans and to be a catalyst for growing and diversifying our regional economy.”

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