Meet a Shocker: LaShaya Lawrie


LaShaya Lawrie chose Wichita State because it’s close to home. While pursuing her Bachelor of Science in biomedical engineering, LaShaya became involved in the Ambassadors for Diversity and Inclusion and Delta Gamma Fraternity.

LaShaya is one of more than 1,200 students eligible for fall 2020 graduation. Learn more about her time at Wichita State, and read some advice she has for current students.

What is your degree in?

I am majoring in biomedical engineering with a minor in general business.

What led you to Wichita State to begin with?

I choose Wichita State because it was close to home, affordable and had the degree I was most interested in: biomedical engineering.

How are you feeling leading up to graduation?

I am excited to finally graduate. I am a little nervous about meeting my final engineering requirements, but I feel ready.

What has been your most helpful learning experience while a student at Wichita State?

My most helpful learning experience would have to be the connections I've made during my time at Wichita State. Getting to know other people from other disciplines and within my own degree has been helpful because I always knew someone in my classes or knew someone who had taken the course who could give me advice. Being able to create a support system has been the best part of attending Wichita State.

What was been your biggest challenge as a student, and how did you overcome it?

My biggest challenge as a student was probably the two-month panic of trying to figure out my schedule for the following semester. My advisers were great at giving me the rundown of what classes I should take together and which required pre-requisites, but they ultimately empowered me to set my own schedule. This was troubling because there were classes that only had one day and time available. I also tried to coordinate with friends to get in the same class, so I'd have a study partner. It was stressful but rewarding when I could find the right schedule and get into the classes I needed. 

What are your plans after graduation?

After graduation I plan on obtaining a job in the medical field here in Wichita or somewhere nearby.

How has the COVID-19 pandemic affected your time at Wichita State or your post-graduation plans? 

COVID-19 has changed how I thought my last semester was going to be. With all my remaining classes online, it has given me more flexibility to work while also balancing homework time. On the downside, it made it harder to get to know people in my classes. It has slowed down my post-graduation plans because most places are not hiring at the rate they were last year, so it has made it harder to find available jobs.

What advice would you give other Wichita State students?

Some advice that I would give to fellow students is to not be afraid to talk to your professors or fellow students; they could become good friends and supporters. Additionally, it is okay to ask for help. Most teachers want their students to succeed; and if you talk to them, they are more likely to help you and make sure you are understanding the material. Another great resource is supplemental instruction sessions. If the course offers these sessions, take advantage of the opportunity to learn from past students who have become experts on the course material. Last but not least, try to make as many memories and friends as you can because your time at Wichita State will go by quickly.