Former Wichita State dean remembered as leader in education


Dr. Maurine A. Fry served as professor and dean of the College of Education from 1988 to 1993 at Wichita State University. Fry, 85, passed away on July 17 in Venice, Florida.

Maurine Fry

Maurine Fry

Her influence on her family and in education is memorialized at WSU’s Plaza of Heroines.


“There is a saying that a teacher is immortal because the knowledge she passes to her students’ lives forever,” wrote Debbie Kerry, Fry’s niece. “As a professional woman, Mo will live forever in the knowledge she has shared with her students. As the loving woman she is, Mo will also remain forever in the hearts of her friends and family.”

Fry attended the University of South Dakota and earned her Ph.D at the University of Iowa. She worked in several capacities at Arizona State University, including assistant vice president for academic affairs, before coming to Wichita State.

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