Move to drive-thru COVID-19 tests gives community faster option for results

MDL graphic

Wichita State University’s Hughes Metropolitan Complex has switched to drive-thru testing – a move that will allow the Wichita community to spend less time in line and get test results faster.

The Metroplex Testing Site (5015 E. 29th St. North) is open 11 a.m.-6 p.m. Monday through Friday. Results of the PCR test are available within 24-36 hours after testing. No appointment is needed.

The test uses saliva. Individuals should not consume food, drink or tobacco for 30 minutes prior to testing.

The drive-thru allows Wichita State’s Molecular Diagnostics Lab (MDL) to process tests and return test results quickly, allowing for precise quarantine and treatment for those who test positive.

Follow these three simple steps:

  1. Create a patient account at before coming to the testing location;
  2. Bring your testing code to the Metroplex located at 5015 E. 29th St. N, Wichita, KS 67220; and
  3. Receive your test results via email or text within 36 hours after specimen collection. Current wait times are less than 30 minutes for pre-registered individuals who arrive with their testing code.

The MDL has partnered with and trained more than 500 organizations, schools, health care facilities, and businesses throughout the region to collect COVID-19 specimens for PCR testing at the MDL.

Since it started testing in November 2020, the MDL has been a powerful weapon against COVID-19. The lab’s high-volume capabilities and quick turnaround helped to mitigate the spread of the virus in order to get residents back to school and work faster and to keep our economy open.

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