New signage in store for Wichita State’s Innovation Campus entrance


The entrance to Wichita State University’s Innovation Campus on the corner of 21st and Oliver streets is about to get a Shocker makeover with new signage and landscaping.

The new signage will include the words “Wichita State” in letters that range from 6 to 8 feet tall. The letters are made from open-channel aluminum, powder-coated letters, which will be individually illuminated by LED lighting. The exterior faces of the letters will be painted black, the interior face will be yellow, and the outside will be white.

“The Innovation Campus has undergone remarkable transformation over the past seven years, growing from a golf course into a home for more than 25 business and industry leaders,” said Dr. Rick Muma, president of Wichita State. “The upgraded look and increased visibility will showcase that metamorphosis and create a destination landmark for Wichita and our Shocker Neighborhood community.”   

Kristin Beal, placemaking coordinator for Wichita State, said that the new look on the northeast edge of campus is an opportunity for engagement for Shockers.

“This addition to our campus will act as a monument for the rapidly developing Innovation Campus that current, past and future Shockers can be proud of and identify with,” Beal said. “These sorts of amenities are designed to create tradition and attachment to place through their interactivity. We look forward to seeing Shockers and passersby interact with the new sign.”

The new sign is expected to be installed this spring.

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