Alumni Association moves forward to consolidate with WSU Foundation


Earlier this month, the boards of directors of the Wichita State University Foundation and the Wichita State University Alumni Association (WSUAA) each voted unanimously to consolidate the WSUAA’s operations in an effort to strengthen ongoing engagement with alumni, donors and friends of the university. 

The vote followed a comprehensive process that began in 2020 to review and provide recommendations on structural solutions that would support ongoing financial assistance for the WSUAA.    

“The members of the alumni association board feel that now is the time for the WSUAA and the foundation to combine forces so we can better serve Wichita State University and its many stakeholders,” said Cindy Hoover, chair of the WSUAA Board of Directors.  

The transition into a united organization comes at a time when Wichita State has seen record enrollment numbers, the WSU Foundation is experiencing record-breaking philanthropic support from donors, and the WSUAA continues to be the connecting hub for alumni and the university they love.  

“Whether the mission is alumni engagement or fundraising and financial stewardship, we are confident that we can achieve more as a cohesive and collaborative team," said Dan Peare, chair of the foundation’s board.  

While the transition plans are still being developed, Wichita State, the WSU foundation and the WSUAA are working closely together to help foster a positive and seamless transition.  

“It will take time to integrate the two organizations,” Peare said. “A key focus will be determining the new guiding principles, which have already been closely connected for years.”  

As an immediate next step, the WSUAA and WSU Foundation are organizing a task force comprised of representative staff and volunteer leaders from both organizations, as well as WSU leadership, who will determine a transition plan and key initiatives.  

“We all have the same goal,” Hoover said, “to do what is best for Wichita State University and our entire Shocker community.”