Wichita State president launches 'Forward Together' podcast


Wichita State University President Rick Muma has launched a new podcast, called “Forward Together,” where the president speaks with guests from throughout Shocker Nation to highlight the people and priorities that guide WSU.

The podcast drops monthly, with the March edition releasing March 9. Some of the guests so far include Hollywood director Dean Hargrove, WSU basketball coach Isaac Brown, WSU research vice provost Coleen Pugh and economist James Chung.

Through his guest interviews on “Forward Together,” Muma gives the audience a glimpse of the aspirations and inspirations that drive Wichita State.

How to listen

“Forward Together” is available on Spotify, Stitcher, Google Podcasts, Amazon Podcasts, Apple Podcasts (iTunes) and www.wichita.edu/ftpodcast. There is also a video version of the podcast available

Episode 4 – March
Research at Wichita State

Learn about some of the cutting-edge research being done at Wichita State in our March podcast. To celebrate Women's History Month, Muma speaks with Dr. Melinda Laubach-Hock, director of sustainment at WSU's National Institute for Aviation Research; and Dr. Coleen Pugh, vice provost for research and dean of Wichita State's Graduate School.

Episode 3 – February

Providing Access to Higher Education

On this episode of the podcast, Muma and his guests discuss WSU’s priority of making higher education accessible and how it helps build a stronger community and a stronger Kansas. Special guests include John Rolfe, president and CEO of the Wichita Regional Chamber of Commerce; and Isaac Brown, WSU men’s basketball head coach.

Episode 2 – January

Annual Report

On this episode of the podcast, Muma and his guests reflect on and celebrate all that Wichita State accomplished in 2021. Special guests include James Chung, founder of Reach Advisors and author of the Chung Report; and Dr. Kaye Monk-Morgan, vice president of engagement and planning at Wichita State.

Episode 1 – December 2021

Digital Transformation

In this inaugural Forward Together podcast, we focus on digital transformation in the arts. We're joined by Shocker alum Dean Hargrove — writer, director and producer, whose credits include “Columbo” and “Matlock” — and Wichita State's dean of the College of Fine Arts, Dr. Rodney Miller.

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