Meet a Shocker: Chadrack Kamba Tshimanga


Chadrack Tshimanga Kamba learned how to balance work and school during his time studying mechanical engineering at Wichita State University.

Chadrack is one of more than 2,400 students eligible for spring 2022 graduation. Learn more about his time at Wichita State and what is next for the grad.


Kananga, Democratic Republic of the Congo 


I am majoring in mechanical engineering. 

What made you want to attend Wichita State?

Wichita has one the best engineering programs in the United States.

How are you feeling leading up to graduation?

I am feeling very blessed and proud of myself. I am looking forward to what the future holds.

What was been your biggest challenge as a student, and how did you overcome it?

Balance work and school. I came up with a new plan, which was to readjust priorities.

What has been your most helpful learning experience at Wichita State? 

I have learned that no matter how difficult things might get - do not give up, keep believing in yourself. You can handle more than what you think.

What are your plans after graduation?

I will be looking for a job.

How did the COVID-19 pandemic affect your time at Wichita State? 

I was never used to studying online or remotely. However, when COVID hit, it was very challenging to get used to online. This even affected my GPA.

What advice would you give other Wichita State students?

Wichita State has some great resources. Take advantage of that. Get out of your comfort zone and make a lot of friends. Don’t be shy to reach out for help.

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