Texas Shocker Spotlight: Kyndal Nystrom


Texan Kyndal Nystrom chose Wichita State because of the opportunities and affordability available at the university.

Shockers come from all over, and students from selected major metropolitan areas in Arkansas, Colorado, Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma and Texas may be eligible to receive regular in-state tuition at Wichita State. Read what some out-of-state students have to say about why they chose WSU — and Wichita — as their new home.


Wylie, Texas


Biomedical Engineering, chemistry minor

How did you first hear about Wichita State University? 

I first heard of WSU through family members who went for their college education.

How did Wichita State compare to the other universities you considered attending? 

Wichita State was overall a better size for me and a lot less overwhelming in comparison to the D1 universities that I was looking at in Texas, and it still managed to offer a lot of opportunities. It was also less expensive than all of the other colleges I was looking to attend. While that's not the most important thing, it was convenient for me. 

Why did you choose WSU? 

I chose WSU because it was perfect in terms of size, I felt comfortable on campus and my major was available to study. I also felt like it was a good distance from home while also allowing me to be on my own. My parents now live about six hours from me. 

What are some of the opportunities and activities you've participated in at Wichita State? 

I've gotten to cheer at women's volleyball and basketball and men's basketball games. I was also one of two first-year students who got to cheer at the Intrust Bank Arena game against K-State last year, and one of three first-year students that got to travel to Fort Worth, Texas, for the AAC tournament.

Through Student Ambassador Society (SAS), I've been able to volunteer alongside the admissions staff to make sure prospective students are comfortable when they're visiting our campus. I am also a ZeeMee ambassador, where I get to interact with potential and future students on the SAS social media platform. 

What were your perceptions about the city of Wichita before you visited for the first time? And how do those perceptions compare to your current perception of the city? 

My original perception of Wichita is that there wouldn't be much to do and I would catch myself getting bored. Now I've realized that you just have to pay attention because there is often stuff going on. Being on campus helps me know what is going on since information is constantly rotating around you.

What would you tell someone who's considering Wichita State? 

Visit the campus first because seeing student life is a really important thing. You also need to keep an open mind.

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