Wichita State announces cyber security collaboration with Knowmadics

Wichita State University and Knowmadics are entering into a new collaboration aimed at enhancing the security and resiliency of satellite constellations and satellite-based communications. The endeavor is intended to strengthen the security of data collection and transfer among space-based Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

The work will be performed through Wichita State’s National Institute for Research and Digital Transformation (NIRDT), and led by Pierre Harter, the associate vice president of research operations for WSU Industry and Defense Programs. Dr. Ross Gruetzemacher, WSU assistant professor of business analytics, will serve as the technical lead. His areas of expertise include data science and artificial intelligence (AI).

“We are excited to draw upon both the software and hardware-based R&D expertise at Wichita State,” said Paul Maguire, CEO of Knowmadics.

Knowmadics is a Virginia-based software development that established a presence in Wichita at Groover Labs last November.

“Cyber security is one of the fastest growing fields, and one in which Wichita is particularly equipped to excel,” said Andrew Nave, executive vice president for economic development at the Greater Wichita Partnership. “We are thrilled to see Knowmadics continue to expand its presence and collaboration with key partners in the area.”

“This is an excellent example of the type of collaborations that we envisioned when we created NIRDT at WSU – one where industry experts like Knowmadics can couple with multi-disciplinary experts from WSU faculty and research staff to provide innovative R&D solutions, while providing meaningful applied learning opportunities for students,” said Harter. “Knowmadics is a critical partner for us as we continue our journey in digital transformation.”

The program will identify cyber security vulnerability factors in satellite communications using machine learning. Through this collaboration, Wichita State will identify and install IoT devices that will be leveraged for the effort – including cameras, routers and satellite communication devices – in and around the new Digital Research and Transformation Hub building on the northeast side of campus.

Wichita State students will participate in activities such as capturing and labeling footage, monitoring router traffic, and formatting and validating data.

About Wichita State University

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About Knowmadics, Inc.

Knowmadics solves complex operational challenges through innovative end-to-end solutions that deliver complete security awareness, full continuum duty of care and enhanced process efficiencies. Combining a scalable automated software platform, elite operational support, proactive cyber assessments, and a continuous innovation program, they enable predictable, optimized situational response that fosters enterprise trust. Knowmadics is based in Herndon, Virginia.

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