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The WSU Open/Alternative Textbook (OAT) Initiative is designed to expand the use of freely-available resources in our classes in an effort to address the rising cost of textbooks and the impact of that expense on our students.  Courses with an OAT designation are visible to students in the course schedule so they can choose classes with low or no textbook costs.

Courses can be designated as either:

  • OAT-Z:  Zero ($0) textbook or other course material costs
  • OAT-L: Low (under $50) textbook or other course material costs

This program has been modified from the original design.  There is no longer a course fee associated with these course designations. (The OAT grant program funded by these fees is also no longer available).

Submission Deadlines:

  • September 30 for new Spring semester courses
  • February 15 for new Fall semester courses



OAT Zero Cost Designation Request OAT Low Cost Designation Request 

Additional information

Instructors interested in having their course designated as an Open/Alternative Textbook Zero cost course (OAT-Z) or Open/Alternative Textbook Low cost course (OAT-L) must submit the course designation form above to be approved by the OAT review committee.

Please keep the following in mind: