Instructors interested in having their course designated as an Open/Alternative Textbook Zero cost course (OAT-Z) or Open/Alternative Textbook Low cost course (OAT-L) must submit the course designation form below to be approved by the OAT review committee.

Please keep the following in mind:

  • The designation can be applied to one or multiple sections of the same course.
  • An OAT-Zero cost course must have no additional course material costs and may include any of the following:
    • An existing open access textbook (see Resources link below)
    • Library resources (this includes e-textbooks that students can access through the library)
    • High quality Open Educational Resources (OER) - workbooks, lab manuals, exercises, etc.
    • Multimedia resources (e.g., audio, video, TedTalks, YouTube videos, Wikimedia Commons)
    • Faculty-authored materials (e.g., websites, PDFs, educational presentation slides, lecture videos)
  • An OAT-Low cost course may include any of the above materials and as well as additional materials that cost no more than $50 total.