Applied Learning

Student Testimonial

“I have found that being involved in organizations at Wichita State University, I have begun to grow as a person both mentally and socially. I have made so many connections, with such a diverse group of people, that have brought me so many opportunities. By being involved in Community Service Board, I was introduced to the Alternative Spring Break trip where I was able to combine my three favorite things: service, learning, and traveling. I was able to spend an entire week in New York City volunteering my time to the issues of hunger and homelessness. I learned a lot about myself on this trip, such as my ability to make connections with different people, patience when things become hectic and my passion to help others. I have also learned a lot by being able to participate in this service-learning course. I think I will be able to connect this in many ways to my future occupation. I hope to one day become a High School English teacher. I think by being able to experience what I did on this trip, I have a more open mind and a better ways of dealing with different situations. I was exposed to a diverse group of people on this trip and within the class that I think it will influence my ability to interact with different kinds of people.”

Jamillah Sleiman
Class Taken: Hunger in NYC: Service and Leadership Needed (HNRS306E)