Student Experience

Student Testimonial

“The trip itself was an amazing experience. It did get me out of my comfort zone helping in communities that I had only dreamed of traveling to. I learned so many new things from the different organizations that our team volunteered at. How to be creative, how to talk to someone who has a very limited vocabulary, and also how to never take a day for granted. These people taught me that life is too short to be dwelling on one’s current situation. Looking to the future and doing what you can to get yourself up on your feet again is what matters the most. When I applied for the trip back in August of 2015, I was not expecting to take away so much from it and learn as much as I have, and still am, about hunger, homelessness, and poverty. I am incredibly blessed to have had this experience, and it is one that I will never forget.”

Elizabeth Oshakuade
Class Taken: Hunger in NYC: Service and Leadership Needed (HNRS306E)