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   Support Initiatives:

Current Projects

CPRF and ARISE Research Collaborative researchers have developed an applied research partnership focused on interactive development through on going evaluation of the Guided Independent Living Assessment(GILA) Program. Specifically, the project objectives are focused on determining how to create the program in a way that best prepares individuals with disabilities to understand what it takes to live independently. 

Principal Investigator: Heidi Cornell, Ph.D.

Co-Investigator: Angela Beeler, Ph.D.

Student Researchers (alphabetical): 

  • Danielle Adams-Washington, Graduate Student
  • Shailaja Thimmenahalli Basavanagowda, Graduate Student

Learning Lab is an inclusive problem-solving process led and owned by local school stakeholders to design a culturally and inclusive support system for ensuring educational progress, access, and inclusion of students with and without disabilities.

Principal Investigator: Dosun Ko, Ph.D.

Co-Investigator: Heidi R. Cornell, Ph.D.    

Student Researcher:

  • Yehyang Lee, Graduate Student

A meta-analytic review of research-based mathematics interventions delivered via technology.

Co-Investigator: Angela Beeler, Ph.D.

Co-Investigator: Kourtney Kromminga, Ph.D.

Student Researchers (alphabetical):

  • Corrigan Bartlett, Graduate Student
  • Jamillah Sleiman, Graduate Student

Transition services for students with disabilities in university’s have been significantly underrepresented in the field of school psychology. More research is needed that focuses on transitioning to the university setting to connect students with learning and neurodevelopmental disabilities to available campus recourses. In response, our team is working to develop a mentorship experience that provides services to university students with disabilities. The purpose of this study is to investigate ways in which graduate student mentors can support undergraduate mentees with learning and neurodevelopmental disabilities.  

Principal Investigator: Angela Beeler, Ph.D. 

Co-Investigator: Patty Nuhfer, Ph.D 

Student Researchers (alphabetical):  

  • Courtney Aguilera, School Psychology Intern  
  • Katherine Cooper, School Psychology Intern   
  • Deidra Roley, School Psychology Intern   
  • Jamila Sleiman Graduate Student