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The Kansas Family Business Forum is designed to provide unique learning experiences to those involved with family businesses. Events bring owners, families, and managers together to address issues of ownership and management succession, strategic planning, estate planning, family dynamics, and family governance.

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Kansas Family Business Forum

Established 1995

"For over 20 years, the Kansas Family Business Forum has been a great organization for meeting other family businesses. There is a sense of belonging to a greater community, of sharing similar values and beliefs and of continued learning from professionals for the well-being of our family business."

- Patty Koehler, J.R. Custom Metal 



The Kansas Family Business Forum provides support and expertise for every growth cycle of a closely held business. Our innovative formats of education and peer-to-peer learning motivate and create a pathway to success for family, managers, and owners of family businesses.



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Executive breakfasts enable in depth roundtable discussions of issues pertinent to the membership. 

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Business Biographies allow members a rare glimpse into the world of a well-known local or national entrepreneur. 

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Personal Advisory Groups are designed to address the specific family business needs of the president, CEO/founder, and next generation family members. 

Open to Family Businesses:

(membership not necessary)

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The KFBF FAMBITION Program is designed for next generation family members of family businesses who are looking to grow in their knowledge and application of best practices.This could be next generation family members who are actively working in the business or family members who are just involved in the family or as owners. Regardless of level of involvement in the business, this program will give the next generation the tools to be a more engaged, self-aware, strategic leaders.


"No matter what Family Business issue that we are confronting at Star, we know that others have already addressed similar situations in their own businesses. Thanks to KFBF, we have the forum to interact and learn from quality Grantors and other experienced business owners who already dealt with the similar issues."

- Chris Goebel, Star Lumber 


"KFBF is an important resource for our family business by providing education, resources and networking risk management, human resource management, strategic planning and succession. These issues are imperative in any business at any time, but especially now. We must find the resolve to endure and the strength to thrive!"

- Walter Berry, Berry Companies Inc.  


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