Recommended by: Faculty Affairs Committee
Accepted by: Executive Committee
Revised: Spring 2017

Policy Statement on the Barton Fellows Program

I. Program Purpose and Design

The Barton Fellows Program is a means of recognizing and encouraging outstanding tenured and tenure-truck faculty in the Barton School of Business. The primary purpose of the fellowship program is to assist the Barton School of Business in attracting and maintaining a truly excellent quality faculty. Barton Fellowships are awarded to individuals who have established themselves as excellent faculty through a consistent record of outstanding scholarship, instruction, and service to WSU. Fellowship recipients must also show promise of continued high productivity and contribution to the Barton School of Business.

Barton Fellowships are awards of $20,000, provided in two increments of $10,000 over a two year period. The fellowships are not permanent awards and should not be considered a portion of the recipient's salary. Fellowship recipients may not hold the award in more than two successive years, but may reapply for the award the year following the two years in which they were designated as a Barton Fellow.

II. Process for selecting Barton Fellows

The following steps will be followed in selecting Barton Fellows:

  1. In March of each year, candidates are nominated by members of the Executive Committee following appropriate discussions with their respective departments.
  2. The Dean's office will supply candidates' annual reports for the previous three years for review by the Executive Committee.
  3. Upon nomination, candidates will write a one page application letter summarizing their anticipated agenda in research, teaching and service for the next TWO years. The letter should clarify how the anticipated research agenda fits with the applicant's academic goals. This letter, accompanied by a current vita will be submitted to the Executive Committee.
  4. The Executive Committee will evaluate the applications based on the set of criteria stated below in Part III.
  5. The Executive Committee will recommend the award(s) to Dean of the Barton School of Business. If the Dean's decision(s) differ(s) from the recommendations, the Dean will inform the Executive Committee.
  6. Awards will be formally announced by the end of the Spring semester.

III. Criteria for the selection of Barton Fellows

  1. Applicants must hold the rank of Assistant Professor or higher.
  2. Applications are made for the academic year following the year of the application submission. (e.g. a March 1994 application is for the 1994-1995 academic year.) Applicants must NOT hold a Barton Fellowship in the year during which the application for the awards is made. The intent of this criterion is to prevent any one individual from holding the award continuously and to provide all outstanding Barton School faculty an opportunity to compete for the award.
  3. Applicants must have a documented record of high achievement in teaching and service activities.
  4. Applicants must have a record of quality and quantity in the publication of refereed articles in nationally recognized journals.
  5. Applicants must present a high quality agenda of ongoing or projected research activity.
  6. Current holders of funded chairs, professorships, or named fellowships are not eligible for nominations unless their funding ends prior to the award of the Barton Fellowship funding.

IV. Specific terms of the Barton Fellowship

  1. The Barton funds now available annually should be used to fund TWO fellowships, each providing a sum of $10,000 per year to the fellowship recipient. No other funds will be provided as part of the award, nor will special considerations be given to the recipient concerning committee loads, research assistance, or travel funds.
  2. The term of each fellowship will be two years.
  3. Recipients may re-apply for a Barton Fellowship in the year following the term of their two year award.
  4. The revised rules for the Barton Fellowship shall become effective as of March 2017.
  5. At least one award should be available for each year. Thus all awards may not be made in any one year.
  6. If additional funds become available, additional Barton Fellowships should be made on the same basis.
  7. If insufficient numbers of suitable applications are made in any year, all of the available Barton Fellowships need not be awarded.

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