Committee: Graduate Programs

Charge: 1. Review Grad Bulletin copy/course information for accuracy and currency and move needed changes through the curriculum change process.
2. Work with Barton School Assessment Committee and Grad School Assessment Committee to develop program assessment procedures and documents consistent with College, WSU, NCA, and AACSB needs and mandates.

Members: Steve Farmer
Phil Hersch (MAEcon)
Kurt Reding (MAcc)
Tim Craft
Charles Martin
Khawaja Saeed (ex officio)

Committee: Faculty Affairs

Charge: 1. Serve as Barton School Tenure and Promotion Committee
2. Make recommendations to the Executive Committee on:
a. recipients of Barton School Research Award
b. recipients of Barton School Summer Research Grants
3. Provide feedback to Executive Committee on the process for selecting summer research grant recipients.

Members: Michael Imhof (elected SP19)
Charles Martin (elected SP18)
TBD (elected SP19)
William Miles (elected SP19)
Tim Craft (elected SP18)

Jan Wolcutt (elected FL18)
Christine Porter untenured rep AY20

Committee: Scholarship

Charge: 1. Conduct, in concert with the DSI, a scholarship competition among high-school graduates for the Clay Barton Scholarship and other scholarships
2. Make recommendations for attracting high-performing students

Member: John Perry (ex officio)
David Yoon
Jan Wolcutt
Anthony May
Dotty Harpool
Laura Zellers
Joan Adkisson (ex officio)

Committee: Admissions/Exceptions

Charge: 1. Make decisions on students' exceptions requests
2. Make recommendations for improving the process

Members: TBD (ex officio)
Kurt Reding
Steve Helm
Jim Clark                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        John Perry (ex officio)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Undergrad Student Rep


Committee: Retrenchment

Charge: Stand by to address issues and make recommendations on issues designated by the Dean.

Members: Atul Rai
Tim Craft
Steve Farmer
Steve Porter
Marty Perline

Committee: Undergraduate Programs

Charge: 1. Respond to proposals for curriculum change
2. Review undergraduate programs designated by the Dean for review.

Member: John Perry (ex officio)
Duane Nagel
Semih Tartaroglu
Kate Kung-McIntyre
Jodi Pelkowski
Laura Zellers, Chair
Janet Jensen (ex officio)

Committee: Student Rating and Teacher Evaluation

Charge: 1. Meet in the fall semester and elect chair
2. Recommend Barton School Teachers of the Year by April
3. Recommend instructional development strategies

Members: Teaching Award Winners from the past three years
(members elect the chair)

Jan Wolcutt (2018)
Jim Wolff (2018)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Jodi Pelkowski (2017)
Stan Longhofer (2017)
Brian Rawson (2016)
Bill Miles (2016)
John Perry (ex officio non-voting convener)

Committee: Assurance of Learning

Charge: 1. Work with the Executive Committee and faculty on developing AACSB and NCA assessment processes
2. Make recommendations for improvement of the assessment process
3. Monitor the assessment process

Members: Jeff Quirin
Rodney Boehme
Lynn Mathews
William Miles
John Perry (ex officio), chair

Committee: Technology

Charge: Survey faculty and other WSU entities about software and data needs and what's available

Members: Mike Flores
Steve Helm
Seth Cockrell
Khawaja Saeed
Gery Markova
Kate Kung-McIntyre
John Perry (ex officio), chair

Committee: AACSB

Charge: Assist in preparing AACSB report and other AACSB matters

Members: Mike Flores
Rodney Boehme
Masud Chand
Dotty Harpool
John Perry (ex officio), chair

Committee: Strategic Planning

Charge: Review Barton School strategic plan and suggest updates and track achievements

Members: Jeff Quirin
Rodney Boehme
Don Hackett
Bill Miles
Jeremy Hill
Undergrad Student Rep
Grad Student Rep