School of Computing Research

The faculty of the School of Computing conduct research in various areas, including biometrics, computer systems, computer networking, wireless networking, energy-intelligent mobile computing,  pervasive communication and computing, computer vision, data intensive sensor networks, machine learning, artificial intelligence, data science, cybersecurity and privacy, cyberphysical systems,  and databases.

School of Computing Research Groups

Affiliated Research Groups

Research Expertise in a Nutshell

Research in the area of pervasive wireless networks focuses at developing MAC and routing protocols for various wireless technologies like Wi-Fi, Wireless Sensor Networks, and RFID for various applications like home automation, healthcare, vehicular networking, to name a few. (Namboodiri)

Research in the area of databases focuses on XML databases, including XPath query minimization and query evaluation. (Ramanan)

The ACCESS Lab has a mission of exploring the design, evaluation, and use of computing and information technologies to benefit people with disabilities and older adults. (Namboodiri)

Research in visual computing and biometrics is focused on cutting-edge research, using advanced deep learning and computer vision techniques, for enhancing fairness of AI, deep fake detection, on-device AI, unlabeled data for domain adaptation, and biometric security (Rattani).

Research in the area of real-time systems includes security of real-time and cyber-physical systems, resilient software-defined real-time networks, resource management in real-time IoT, edge, and vehicular communication networks, security for unmanned vehicles (drones, rovers), machine learning models for smart manufacturing systems.

Research in the area of software engineering focuses on program analysis and software reliability. (Shan)

Research in the area of information assurance and security includes intrusion detection, manufacturing security, mobile phone security, operating system security and virtual machine security. (Salinas and Shan)