Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Undergraduate Advising


We make the following distinction among advisors:

  • Academic advisors (mostly academic success, curriculum and scheduling advising for sophomores and freshman). Appointments with academic advisors must be scheduled by visiting or calling our main office at: (316) 978-3156. EECS academic advisors are listed at the bottom of this page. EECS has:
    • an academic success advisor; and
    • four academic advisors
  • Faculty advisors (primarily career, Engineer of 2020, and some curriculum advising for juniors and seniors). Most faculty prefer that students meet them during their office hours.

If students are unsure whom to see, they should call (316) 978-3156 or visit the department office (JB 249).


The EECS undergraduate advising structure is multi-tiered and in general it is based on student academic progression. (When determining student status, we consider the credit hours completed towards the degree, not the total credit hours taken at WSU.)  In general, we distinguish between:

  • Freshman students are advised by OneStop Student Services. Freshman students who wish to see the EECS academic success advisor should visit or call our main office at: (316) 978-3156.
  • All new transfer students, and student transitioning from OneStop will likely see our academic success advisor. Sophomores may also be scheduled to see one of our academic advisors. Sophomores are required to see an advisor every semester in order to be able to register for courses. To schedule an appointment (with either the academic success or an academic advisor) students should visit or call our main office at: (316) 978-3156.
  • Juniors and seniors (who have not taken EE 585 - Senior Design I yet) will have to meet their assigned faculty advisor once a year. (We assign faculty advisors after students complete 60 credit hours towards their degree.)  Your Faculty Advisor will be listed under the myWSU myClasses tab (towards the middle of the page). Most faculty prefer that you meet them during their office hours (the main office does not schedule faculty advisor appointments).
    If students have the need to see an academic advisor they should visit or call our main office at: (316) 978-3156.
  • Seniors enrolled in EE 585 must complete a senior check by meeting our senior check coordinator (for contact information please see the bottom of this page).

Our Academic Advisors:

Although contact information is given, appointment scheduling still needs to be done through visiting or calling our main office at:
(316) 978-3156.

Academic Success Advisor:

Academic Advisors:

Senior Check Coordinator:

  • Dr. John Watkins, Professor
    242 Jabara Hall
    Students should visit Dr. Watkins during his office hours; students should not schedule appoinments.
    Office hours:
    Mondays 3:30pm - 4:30pm
    Tuesdays 10:00am - 11:00am
    Wednesdays 12:30pm - 1:30pm
    (316) 978-6336

Updated: 08/12/2019