Master of Engineering Management (MEM)

1. Introduction of the MEM Program

The mission of the Master's in Engineering Management (MEM) program is to enhance the skills of degreed engineers which will increase their effectiveness in planning, decision making, complex problem solving, and managerial skills, while receiving advanced technical knowledge, in order to increase the effectiveness of manufacturing and service sector organizations. Students should consider the MEM program if they find that they need to use (or develop) skills in decision making and management of teams, projects, and organizations. The MEM program is structured for practicing technical professionals. Engineering management is for professionals who are interested in becoming a manager while remaining as an engineer.

2. Admission Requirements

In order to be admitted in the MEM program, applicants must:

  1. Possess an undergraduate degree in engineering, science, business or other related discipline;
  2. Have satisfactorily completed: (MATH 144 or MATH 242) and (IME 255 or FIN 340);
  3. Have a minimum GPA of 3.000, on a 4.000 scale. (Students with a lower GPA may be considered only for probationary or nondegree admission.);
  4. Applicants whose native language is not English must submit official, acceptable scores for either the TOEFL, the Academic Module of the IELTS examination, or the PTE-Academic. Please visit the graduate school website to check English proficiency requirements; and
  5. Department prefers and strongly encourages the submission of GRE scores.

3. Degree Requirements

Please note that:

  • Some of the IME courses may require programming skills as a prerequisite.
  • Some of the IME courses may require Linear Algebra or Calculus III as a prerequisite.
  • Course distribution (at least 33 credit hours with no more than 9 credit hours at 500-600 levels)
    Course Title Hours
    Core Courses  
    Departmental Courses (select five courses)  
    Select a minimum of 15 credit hours of coursework from the department. (Students are encouraged to complete a graduate certificate offered through the department.) 15
    MBA 802 Fundamentals of Accounting 1.5
    MBA 803 Fundamentals of Finance 1.5
    MBA 804 Marketing Basics 1.5
    MBA 805 Management Basics 1.5
    IME 777 IME Colloquium (one semester) 0
    Select at least 12 credit hours of electives (must be at 600+ level and from engineering, computer science, and/or MBA programs) with the written preapproval of the department for non-IME courses 12
    Additional Requirements  
    Applied Learning See applied learning requirements below  
    Total Credit Hours 33
  • A plan of study should be submitted during the first semester of enrollment and at least 60 percent of credit hours in a plan of study must be 700 or higher level WSU courses;
  • The professional and scholarly integrity training requirement must be completed, preferably during the first semester of the program.

MBA to MEM Program

Graduates of the WSU Master of Business Administration (MBA) program may be allowed to use up to 12 credit hours from the WSU MBA courses as technical electives if they enroll in the MEM program.

MEM to MBA Program

Graduates of the WSU MEM program may be allowed to use up to 12 credit hours from the technical electives taken from the WSU MBA courses if they enroll in the MBA program.