University Contracts

Contracts relating to operations of the Fairmount College of Liberal Arts and Sciences must be executed in compliance with Section 1.04 of the WSU Policies and Procedures Manual.

The four principal provisions of Section 1.04 as it relates to the college include:

• A contract is any agreement or promise which purports to obligate the University to perform some responsibility or to take some specific action(s).
• All contracts must be in the name of Wichita State University. The college and any of its schools or departments shall not enter into contracts.
• The President, the Provost, and the Vice President for Administration and Finance are the only individuals authorized to sign contracts.
• All contracts involving an expenditure of funds, either by or to the University, in an amount of $2,500 or more, must be approved by the University’s General Counsel prior to execution.

Section 1.04 applies whether funds are expended from or deposited to accounts held by either the University or the WSU Foundation.

Additionally, the Office of Purchasing has established a $1,000 threshold relative to professional services, i.e. all payments of $1,000 or more for professional services must be supported by a written contract (such services may be described in various ways including, but not limited to, “consulting services,” “speaker fee,” “instructor fee,” or “honorarium”).

The Office of the General Counsel can provide assistance in the drafting of any contract.