Course Pack Production and Sale

  • All course pack materials materials are to be reproduced in compliance with Section 3.36 of the WSU Policies and Procedures Manual, and the University’s Copyright Guidelines (Supplement to WSU Policy Section 3.36).
  • All course pack materials are to be reproduced by Duplication Station in compliance with Section 15.03 of the WSU Policies and Procedures Manual, or by using the department’s copier.
  • Material may be copied only where copying the material can reasonably be considered fair use or where there is a University license to copy the material or where there is permission to copy, which should be clearly set forth on the material to be copied. The Office of the General Counsel is available for consultation regarding the application of federal copyright law to specific factual scenarios.
  • All reproduction costs are to be borne by the department. Under no circumstance should course packs be reproduced off campus.
  • The University Bookstore is the preferred avenue for the sale of course packs. If course packs are sold out of the department, sales proceeds are to be deposited no less than weekly into the departments’s RU account and state sales tax must be accounted for. Under no circumstance should an instructor retain the proceeds from course pack sales.
  • Pricing of the packets at the departmental level should be kept to a reasonable amount (i.e. $.05 per copied page with the total cost rounded up to the nearest dollar amount or an amount to cover the cost of the paper in the packet). The final price to the student will include the departmental cost of production plus the markup at the bookstore.