Fairmount College Staff Council Bylaws


Fairmount College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Staff Council Bylaws

Purpose: The staff council is an advisory body to the dean and senior assistant dean on issues affecting staff members in their roles as university employees.  The council will:

  • Share and discuss concerns with dean or dean’s designate
  • Serve as a sounding board for policies and procedures the dean’s office is considering for implementation
  • Recognize staff for outstanding contributions to the college
  • Provide professional development opportunities for career growth
  • Host networking events within the college

Membership representation:

All Unclassified Professionals (exempt and non-exempt) and University Support Staff will be considered general members of the staff body. The council will consist of members representing the following general areas:

  • Three (3) hourly USS/UP employees
  • Three (3) salaried UP employees
  • One (1) 100% grant employee


Any employee with full or part-time status who has been at the university for one year or longer is eligible to serve on the council.

Please refer to WSU Policies and Procedures 3.52 regarding shared governance and supervisor approval.

Length of service:

Terms will run on the fiscal year calendar of July 1–June 30 and will be for two years. Members may serve another term after a year pause. Terms will be staggered the first year of the council’s existence.

In the first (inaugural) year, non-officer terms will be for one year, allowing continuity of the officers for the two year term. In the inaugural year only, members going off may run again for another term. The official inaugural year will be July 1, 2020–June 30, 2021.

Election of council members:

Elections will be conducted during the spring semester. The recommended schedule is below:

March 1       Nominations for council representation solicited

March 15     Elections for council representation held

March 30     Any run-off elections held

The elected staff council will choose its chair, vice-chair and secretary. Terms for these three positions will be for one year and may be reappointed in the second year of their term.

The senior assistant dean will serve as ex-officio.


Short term vacancies (one semester or less): The staff council may appoint a person to fill the absence of the member. Staff council will contact the second highest vote-getter from the election process for the position and continue from there until the position is filled.

Long term vacancies (more than one semester): A college wide election will be held to fill the position.

Council officer duties:

The chair will conduct all meetings, create the agenda in consultation with the ex-officio, lead the council in its endeavors, and follow up on group and individual efforts.

The vice-chair will serve as chair in the chair’s absence, which may be one time or an extended length. The vice-chair may fulfill other duties as chair or council request.

The secretary will record and distribute Council minutes and assist the chair and vice-chairs with other duties as requested.

Council member responsibilities:

All members of the council are expected to:

  • Promote all activities sponsored by the staff council
  • Contribute towards the purpose of the council
  • Solicit ideas and concerns from staff members in Fairmount College
  • Present ideas and concerns to the dean and senior assistant dean
  • Participate in the planning and execution of college-wide activities created for staff

Ad hoc committees:

The council may use its discretion in appointing ad hoc committees to research ideas or issues as presented in the college.

During the year of establishment (February 26, 2019–June 30, 2020), the volunteer members plus the senior assistant dean will serve as the functioning staff council. These volunteers may run for election in March 2020.


The staff council will meet monthly or more frequently if necessary. Ad hoc committees will be asked to join the staff council as requested on a short-term basis until the ad hoc committee is no longer active.

The all college staff assembly will be called once a semester. Typical agenda items will include remarks from the dean; updates on policy changes; welcome of new staff; general business items; staff council report.


Any additions or changes to these bylaws must be approved by a simple majority vote of the Staff Council members.