Linguistics, the scientific study of language, is an interdisciplinary field aiming to understanding how people acquire languages, how this knowledge interacts with other cognitive processes, how it varies across speakers and geographic regions, and how to model this knowledge computationally. The applied linguistics major at Wichita State University offers a rich and diverse experience for students interested in pursuing various aspects of language study and/or analysis. Students are introduced to the basic methodology and linguistic principles of linguistics, including phonological and grammatical concepts used in modern and historical linguistics. Students also study how language varies across time and space, and how it is used in different social contexts. They are also introduced to various subfields of linguistics, including phonetics and phonology, syntax and semantics, morphology, sociolinguistics, psycholinguistics, historical linguistics, and applied linguistics. Linguistics classes are offered through departments of English, Anthropology, Modern Classical Languages and Literatures, Communication Sciences and Disorders, thereby engaging students in a truly interdisciplinary critical inquiry and enabling them to become informed participants in public discourse about language.

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