Department History

The Department of Geology was founded by Dr. Walter ver Wiebe in 1926 when Fairmount College became Municipal University. Dr. ver Wiebe, Chairman of the Department until his retirement in 1954, was instrumental in building a reputation for expertise in petroleum geology.

Timeline of Department Chairs:
1926-1954: Walter ver Wiebe
1954-1963: J. Robert Berg
1963-1970: Jack G. Blythe
1970-1975: James N. Gundersen
1975-1981: J. Robert Berg
1981-1987: Daniel F. Merriam
1987-1994: John C. Gries
1994-1997: William D. Bischoff
1997-2004: Collette D. Burke
2004-2007: John C. Gries
2007-2010: Wan Yang
2010-present: William C. Parcell