Kansas Association of Historians
2015 Conference
Emporia State University Memorial Union

Friday, April 17
12:30 Registration/check opens Alumni Lounge, second floor

Session I 1:30-3:00

Panel #1 Faith and Mission in Kansas and the Plains Greek Room
- Mark Jantzen, Bethel College, Panel Chair
• Lynsay Flory, North Dakota State University, “Missionaries and Mixed Bloods: Multi-Cultural Connections in Early Kansas”
• Duane Hermann, Fort Hays State University, “The Baháí Faith Comes to Kansas”

Panel #2 Methods and Strategies for Historical Research & Teaching KSN Room

- Jay Price, Wichita State University, Panel Chair
• Karin Linenberger, “Chain of Title: Essentials of Recording Ownership”
• Carolyn Schmidt, Wichita State University. “Identifying Open Educational Resources for History Students”

Panel #3 Treaties, Strategies, and Relationships in the Global Context Black & Gold Room
- Everett Dague, Panel Chair

• John Patchen, Baker University, “Redefining Darius and Alexander: A New Perspective of Gaugamela and Alexander’s Persian Campaign”
• Marissa Coyle, Washburn University, “Tributary Relationships and the Development of the Ryukyu Kingdom”
• Harry A Spencer IV, Emporia State University, “Inevitable Necessities: The Ruhr Occupation and the Return of American’s Involvement in Reparations”
• Kyle Thompson, Pittsburgh State University, “Childers, Gladstone, and Loyalty”

Panel #4 Food & Identity EKSC Room
- Anita Specht, Kansas Wesleyan University, Panel Chair
• Bethany R. Mowry, University of Oklahoma, “Growling Words and Empty Bellies: Food and Protest in British and American Sailor Songs”
• Kelly Erby, Washburn University, “Between Bolted Beef and Bolted Pudding: Boston’s Eating Houses and Nineteenth-Century Social and Cultural Change”
• Angela Gonzales, Washburn University, “T-Town Tacos: The Culinary History of Topeka’s Mexican Community, 1900-1970”

3:00 Break Coffee, tea, snack mix

Friday Session II 3:15-4:45

Panel #5 Movement, Mennonites, and Mission: The Community Values of Western Migration 1870-1920 Greek Room
-Jessica D. Klanderund, Tabor, College, Panel Chair
• Rachael Wedel, Tabor College, “Prohibition and Religion: The Women’s Christian Temperance Union and the Mennonites, 1874-1890s”
• Benjamin Schmidt, Tabor College, “Towards a Common Religious History of the Gnadenau Settlement: 1874-1920”
• Jess Crowley, Tabor College, “Hardships and Perseverance: How the Midwest Bounced Back from the Dust Bowl, 1931-1941”

Panel #6 Researching Local History For Understanding, Learning, Preserving, or Remembering KSN Room
- Seth Bate, Wichita State University, Panel Chair
• Chris Green, Kansas Leadership Center, “The Problem of the Old City Hall Building in Kansas City, Kansas: A Case Study”
• Brooke Morris, Wichita State University, “Three Strikes, You’re Out,” a History of the First Town in Butler County”
• Kyle Palmer, “Historic Structures of Wichita State University: A Walking Tour”
• Sandra Hain, Emporia State University, “A proposal to nominate the Yoder Mennonite Church to the Kansas State Historical Society’s Register of Historic Kansas Places”

Panel #7 Justice, Gender and Diehards: Victories that Shaped History Black & Gold Room
- Leonard Ortiz, Baker University, Panel Chair.
• Theresa L. Young, Washburn University, "Student Unrest at Washburn University in the 1970s: Radicals and Rabble-rousers Coming Together....... Kinda"
• Kristina L. Haahr, Wichita State University, “Restored to Reason: The Illinois Insanity Laws and Mary Lincoln”
• Van Hutchison, Kansas State University, “Redlining, Civil Rights Struggle, and Urban Crisis In Twentieth-Century Greater Kansas City”

Panel #8 Place and Policy EKSC Room
- Carolyn Schmidt, Wichita State University, Panel Chair.

• Scott Vink, Emporia State University, “Embracing the Bison: The Historical and Modern Use of the Buffalo in Kansas”
• Marion Schweitzer, Emporia State University, “A Brief History of Herstory”
• Sharon Bauer, Hutchinson Community College, “Toward a National Food Policy: What's on Your Plate?”

• Student Networking Alumni Lounge
• Friends of the Great Plains Center Reception
6:00 Registration closes
6:15 Dinner with Friends of the Great Plains Center Speaker: Dr. Jim Hoy, “Chronicler of the Southwestern Plains: The Photographs of F.M. Steele” Webb Hall

Saturday, April 18
8:00 Light breakfast Coffee, tea, granola

Session III 8:30-10:00

Panel #9 Varying Degrees of Hot and Cold Wars Greek Room
- David Bovee, Fort Hays State University, Panel Chair
• Rachel Coleman, Seward County Community College, “Division and Reunification: Responses to Communism in Korea and Germany”
• Alex Winkler, Emporia State University, “Going the Distance: The Evolution and Effects of Long Range Shooting in American Military History”
• Abby Felter, MidAmerican Nazarene University, “Bleeding Kansas: The Coming of the Civil War”

Panel #10 Tangible Memories: Forging a Physical, Usable Past for the Public: Three Case Studies KSN Room
- David Vail, Kansas State University, Panel Chair
• Michael Hankins, Kansas State University “Touching the Stone Cold Past: Kansas Stone Shelters at the Intersection of Art, History, and the Public”
• Eric Dudley, Kansas State University, “James B. McPherson Memorials and the Construction of Collective Memory”
• Joseph R. Bailey, Kansas State University, “Fractured Memories: Preserving Legacies of the Battle of Franklin”

Panel #11 It Takes All Types: Understanding Communities Through the Acts of the Relatively Unknown Black & Gold Room
- Ann Birney, Ride into History, Panel Chair
• Alex Hammerschmidt, Emporia State University, “The Bennett family of Bush City, Kansas”
• Amanda Lea Miracle, Emporia State University, “Ignoring Otherness: Joseph Lumbrozo and 17th-century Maryland”
• Steven Brosemer, “John Calhoun: the Villain of Kansas”

Panel #12 Understanding Ourselves at the Turn of the Century, EKSC Room
- Kyle Thompson, Pittsburg State University, Panel Chair
• Thomas Richardson, Emporia State University, “Frontline Education: The Role of Ft. Leavenworth Officers in the AEF General Staff and the Army General Staff College”
• Leon Bryson, Emporia State University, “The 1918 Pandemic: More Deadly than World War I?”
• Hannah E. Thompson Museum of World Treasures, “Curiosities, Freaks, and Valuable Specimens: Egyptian Mummy Exhibits in America, 1870-1900”

10:00 Break Coffee, tea, veggies, cheese & crackers

Saturday Session IV 10:15-11:45

Panel #13 Public Space: Homes, Farmsteads and Living History KSN Room
- Loren Pennington, Emporia State University, Panel Chair
• Daniel Hoschouer, Emporia State University, “The Importance of Museum and Archival Internships”
• Jonathan Dillon, Emporia State University, “The Kaw Mission Historical Site”
• Blaine Hamilton, Emporia State University, “Arthur Capper and Kansas in World War I”

Panel #14 The Many Facets of Colonialism Greek Room
- Everett Dague, Benedictine College, Panel Chair
• Thomas Prasch, Washburn University, “Blood Was Everywhere”: Anti-Colonial Violence, Imperial Retribution, and the Aura of the Art Object in the Benin Punitive Expedition of 1897”
• Kim Morse, Washburn University, “Enneca Nchi Jesus: Language, Evangelization, and Contestation in Colonial Venezuela”
• Scott Brackey, Washburn University, "When You Have Eliminated the Impossible
Whatever Remains, However Improbable, Must Be the Truth:
Spiritualism and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle”

Panel #15 Negotiating Identity at the Crossroads of Indian-White Relations Black & Gold Room
- Gary Damron, Seward County Community College, Panel Chair
• Joshua Mika, UMKC, “Constructing ‘Comanche’: Print Capitalism, Sensationalism, and Savagery in the Southwest Borderlands, 1830-1880”
• Jason Herbert, Wichita State University, “That I Might Render Account of Myself and People: Cherokees and World War I”
• John Thiesen, Bethel College, "I Am the Great Messiah of All the Earth: Renegade Mormons, Ghost Dance Survivors and Mennonites in the US West 1895-1920."

Panel #16 Learning the Lingo: A Roundtable about Framing the Value of the Humanities and the Future of Higher Education” EKSC Room
• Jay M. Price, Session Chair, Wichita State University
• David Vail, Kansas State University
• Tony Brown, Baker University

Registration closes
Dinner: Italian Buffet and Annual Meeting Preston Family Room
All registered attendees are voting members of the Kansas Association of Historians.