Why Major in International Studies?

In a rapidly globalizing world, the demand for college graduates who have a deeper understanding of different regions and cultures of the world is growing. Many employers look favorably on prospective employees with language skills and international knowledge.

The International Studies Field Major at Wichita State is an interdisciplinary degree with courses required in multiple departments. Students have the option to follow an Area Studies Track or a Business Administration Track. Both require students to focus on a particular region of the world, including language courses for that region. The Core courses for each track vary, with the Area Studies focusing more on historical, political, and cultural relations, and the Business Administration focusing on international business courses. The International Studies degree is a BA degree in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

There are many career opportunities that can be pursued with an International Studies degree including possible employment with federal and state government executive agencies, multinational corporations, law firms, international organizations such as the United Nations, non-profit organizations, and public and private schools. An International Studies degree can also prepare you for a course of study in graduate school.