Buma Fridman, Professor

Several Complex Variables; PhD, Leningrad Pedagogical Institute, USSR, 1973




The function theory of several complex variables is still very much a developing area of mathematical analysis. Dr. Fridman's interests in the past few years have been in the boundary behavior of analytic maps, the study of holomorphic automorphism groups of hyperbolic manifolds, geometrical properties of determining sets for self-maps of such manifolds (i.e. sets that contain the least number of fixed points in general position in the manifold that forces any automorphism or endomorphism to be the identity), cardinality and configuration of isolated fixed point sets for analytic self-maps of complex manifo

Selected Publications

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  • Fridman, B.L., An approximate Riemann mapping theorem, Mathematische Annalen, 275, (1986) pp. 49-55.
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