Lop-Hing Ho, Associate Professor

Several Complex Variables, Partial Differential Equations; PhD, Princeton University, 1984




Dr. Ho's research interest is in several complex variables and partial differential equations. He considers the subelliptic estimate of the d-bar Neumann problem in domains that are not necessarily pseudoconvex. This is a fundamental question that has important applications to regularity of the solution of the d-bar problem. Recent work covers multivariate time series problem in statistics. Such problems have wide applications in engineering, economics, biology and many other fields.

Selected Publications

  • (with K.S. Chan and H. Tong) A note on time-reversibility of multivariate linear processes, Biometrika 93 (2006).
  • Sharp subelliptic estimate for n-1 forms on finite type domains, Illinois Journal of Mathematics 45 (2001).
  • Exact subelliptic estimates for n-1 forms, Math. Zeit. 211 (1992).
  • d-bar problem on weakly q-convex domains, Math. Ann. 290 (1991).
  • Subelliptic estimates for the d-bar Neumann problem for n-1 forms, Trans. Amer. Math. Soc. 325 (1991).
  • Subellipticity of the d-bar Neumann problem on non-pseudoconvex domains, Trans. Amer. Math. Soc. 291 (1985).