Combinatorics and Statistics

Professor Chopra's research interests are in the areas of Statistical Design of Experiments, Combinatorial Mathematics, and Graph Theory. A part of his publications include numerous papers on the construction of optimal fractional factorial designs, some of which have been shown to be optimal in the class of all fractional factorial designs. He has published extensively on some combinatorial arrays such as Balanced Arrays and Orthogonal Arrays. He has also made contributions to the area of Graph Theory, in particular dealing with edge-balanced graphs. He has presented invited/contributed papers at various National/International conferences.


Dr. Xiaomi Hu's research interest lies in three areas of statistics: restricted statistical inferences, quality control and statistical computing. Bound restriction and order restriction are most commonly encountered constraints when making inferences. Dr. Hu worked on several problems on the properties of statistical procedures under such restrictions. He also studied several problems related to reliability and stochastical processes. Recently he became interested in using new computing tools such as Java applets, VBA for statistical computing.


Although his research areas have been broad in statistics and probability, Dr. Ma's current research interests lie in the development and application of spatio-temporal statistics, which is a new and rapidly going branch of statistics and involves many challenging questions in theory, computation, simulation, and application.