Major and Minor

Students at Wichita State University can plan to get a minor, a major in Latin or a minor in Greek. Find the requirements for a minor or a major below.

Specialization in Latin

A specialization in Latin Consists of a minimum of 30 credit hours beyond LATN112 or its equivalent, and must include LATN526 and MCLL351. LATN398 does not count toward the specialization in Latin.

Students who plan to teach Latin should consult with the department's professor in charge of teacher education early in their Fairmount College career. In addition to the requirements for specilization, it is recommended that future teachers take courses beyond the general education requirements in other foreign lanugages, history, art history, English or philosophy. For the requirements for this program, consult the undergraduate catalog or speak with the MCLL advisor.

Minor in Latin

A minor in Latin consists of a minimum of 11 hours beyond the 112 level and must include at least one 500-level course. LATN398 does not count toward the minor in Latin.

Minor in Greek

Students who wishes to get a minor in Greek must complete 11 hours beyond the 111-112 level.

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