Orléans Study Abroad Program Overview

Studying abroad at Orléans is a unique opportunity for all French majors and minors and any students wanting to improve their oral communication skills. Wichita State University offers both a 4-week summer program and a semester/academic year option through collaboration with the University of Orléans..

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Students who plan to study abroad and want WSU credit for that study must meet with) the MCLL Undergraduate Advisor (Julie Henderson) well in advance of their departure. Students traveling to Orléans must also meet with the Program Director (Brigitte Roussel). We advise that initial planning begin no later than the semester prior to the semester abroad, and preferably earlier.

For other study abroad programs, students can find more information through the Office of Study Abroad. For those programs, contact the International Study Abroad director (ann.burger@wichita.edu) before meeting with the MCLL Undergraduate Advisor.

Program History

The statue of Joan of Arc in the main square of downtown Orleans.

The Wichita-Orléans connection began in 1944 when a Kansas Infantry regiment liberated the city of Orléans.

This Franco-American friendship grew over the years through a variety of mutual exchanges until the two cities formalized their partnership in 1973 by declaring themselves Sister Cities.

Less than 10 years later, the University of Orléans and Wichita State University established a partnership. From that evolved a program that enables American and French students to study abroad for a summer, a semester or an entire academic year and also promotes faculty exchanges between the universities.

The statue of Jeanne d’Arc (Joan of Arc) in the picture dominates the main square in downtown Orléans. It’s only a short tram ride from the university campus to downtown.

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