2021 Puebla Program Costs

The program fee for 2021 is $5,000.00 for undergraduate students (UG); $5,500.00 for graduate students (GR). It covers:

· Room and board: 6 weeks in the Hotel Colonial or 3 weeks in a private home & 3 weeks in the hotel
· Tuition and fees for six credit hours at Wichita State University (the minimum)
· Excursions in Mexico (4 in total)
· Up to 4 Doctor visits in Puebla.

Additional Costs:

The following expenses are not included in the program fee and will vary according to each individual.

· Airfare to and from Puebla, Mexico**
· Enrollment beyond 6 credit hours: $195.65 per hour for UG credit, $264.20 for GR credit
· Books
· Laundry
· Shopping
· Dining out and entertainment
· Communication (cell phones)

**Please make travel arrangements ASAP. At all possible book the same flights as Dr. Chávez's and the rest of the group. Dr. Chávez will send his itinerary to all the Program's participants.

Questions? Contact Dr. Chavez at: cuitlahuac.chavez@wichita.edu


Available Scholarships


  • Angelika R. Howard Memorial Fellowship for Conversational Languages – for school teachers. Learn more here.
  • Don Salvador Ortiz De Montellano Murua Puebla Program Scholarship  - Learn more here.
  • Dr. Dorothy Froning Academic Travel Award – for study abroad, a language-ed course or workshop at another US institution, or a language conference or symposium. Learn more here
  • Lillian A. Wall Endowed Scholarship in MCLL – for full or part time students of Spanish. Learn more here.
  • Lynn W. Winget Puebla Scholarship. Learn more here.
  • Robert V. Christian, Jr. Puebla Scholarship/Fellowship. Learn more here

For deadlines for these scholarships, please contact cuitlahuac.chavez@wichita.edu

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